5 Lighting Design Trends for 2020

5 Lighting Design Trends for 2021

5 Lighting Design Trends for 2021 is here to present the best ways to light up every space you may be redecorating right now. Are you wondering about what 2021 will bring to the table? Well, we have 5 major lighting interior design trends to share! Also, we will approach the delight of having suspension lights on your living room.

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1. Make a statement with Suspension Lights – 5 Lighting Design Trends

This image is all about modern ambiences; we are trully amazed by its impact!

Neutral colors give to this space a minimal look; yet it vibrates so much energy. An elegant mix and match of neutral elements with colours full of life is already an outstanding point. So, this Suspension Light is the statement we were looking for!

Modern suspension lighting seems to be the expected way to do the unexpected.

Koben – Suspension Light 
5 Lighting Design Trends for 2020
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Modern style is here to stay; soft straight lines and fabulous high-end furniture. Do we need to say more? So, stick around and keep up with our 5 Lighting Design Trends.

BRABBU upholstery Malay chair
2. Lighting is reshaping creative spaces – 5 Lighting Design Trends

Lighting is not always about crystals and glamour; it can express a bit of creativity as well. If you are looking for pieces that are able to awake eveyone´s imagination, you need to know Alice Suspension Light.

Lighting can be the detail that makes all the difference; mainly when you want to add some extra character into a room.

Alice – Suspension Light 

5 Lighting Design Trends for 2020

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Let your creativity run free and get inspired by our tips and suggestions.

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU
3. Wall Lighting empowers any space – 5 Lighting Design Trends

If what you are requiring is elegance; then you have to look into some wall lighting. It surely empowers any space or room. We are delighted with the amazing impact it makes in luxury bathroom designs.

Galliano II

5 Lighting Design Trends for 2020

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4. Majestic Lighting – 5 Lighting Design Trends

Majestic lighting is all about maximizing elegance through little details. It really doesn´t matter if we are talking about suspension light or floor lamps. What counts here is the magnificence of the piece. Take a look into this amazing lamp!

Majestic Suspension Light

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5. Exquisite Lighting – 5 Lighting Design Trends

Looking for a different approach? Well, there are some exquisite luxury lighting you probably will love to find.

5 Lighting Design Trends for 2020

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The fierceness of the Roman legions was brought back to life by this lamp. It ressonates can count with an aged and warm sensation.

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