Idéobain 2019

Idéobain 2019 – Highlights from a prestigious design event

Idéobain 2019  has been conquering its glory days and it is already quite famous around luxury bathrooms fans. In order to delight their audiences, the French bathroom design event always showcases the best bathroom design objects. Born in Paris and exhibiting some of the best luxury bathroom furniture brands around the world, Ideobain is a worldwide reference in design industry.

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Ideobain 2019

Ideobain 2019 – Highlights from a prestigious design event

Idéobain is a key french event for interior design furniture. Also, it is a prestigious trade show for bathroom materials and equipment, offering a wide range of furniture brands for luxury spaces. This is the place to get into the new trends and be inspired by great bathroom design ideas.

Luxury Bathrooms Fair

Idéobain 2019 – Highlights

Idéobain 2019  took place in the city of love, glamour and elegance; named Paris. From the 4th to 8th of November this wonderful region received one of the best fairs for bathroom design. Now it is finished and we bet that everyone had plenty of time to gather ideas, reagroup the inspirations collected there and start to make plans for the year to come.



If you are one of the lucky ones, you probably attended to Idéobain 2019. Please share your experience. We would love to hear other insights.

On the other hand, if you did not had the chance to go, do not worry, because we got you covered. On the next paragraphs we share some of the best moments and brands present at this event.

1. A top leader Interior Designer

Jean Philippe Nuel

Idéobain 2019 – Highlights from a prestigious design event

Jean Philippe Nuel is from a family of architects and studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. His reputation is remarkable and he have won, already, a great number of royal awards.

“A design that is more than just decor, that creates an atmosphere, will become the true identity and the true personality of an establishment.”


2. Luxury Furniture Brands to follow

Maison Valentina

Idéobain 2019 – Highlights from a prestigious design event

Maison Valentina recreate a relaxing atmosphere to impress all the attendants at Idéobain 2019. Luxury bathroom furniture combined to present this luxurious design brand. The motto was: showcase an immersive experience and create moments of quiet indulgence and private retreat.


3. Top 3 Vanities presented at this fair

 Biophilia Design Ideas

Idéobain 2019

Biophilic design is the new trend coming into the interior design field. Extravagant and elegant at the same time. Also, assists designers and architects to place sustainable ideas in practice.


Natural Materials

Maison Valentina - Luxury Bathroom Furniture

Natural materials step into the game and I guess it came to stay. Natural and lux are two different words to the same meaning. Royal pieces to delight everyone who attended the fair at the 2019 edition.


Bespoke Dressing Table

Idéobain 2019

Bespoke dressing tables made to impress. Tailormade by local artisans, this piece looks like a statement to every design project.

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Idéobain 2019 was amazing! We are delighted with this edition.


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