Summer Decor Ideas Inspirations

Drawing inspiration from a coastal holiday — think seaside homes, summer entertaining and laid back living, Spring Summer 15/16 collection showcases a range of homewares and furniture in the brand’s signature bright hues and bold patterns.

Summer Decor Ideas Inspirations


This season’s collection is a mix of colour and metallic tones. Colour dominates some part of the collections. I have sourced and had unique pieces designed all over the globe, as well as exploring some traditional design techniques.

Summer Decor Ideas Inspirations2

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Such techniques include Japanese Shibori and Indonesian Batik, which have been used to create one-off pattern effects. Shibori involves the twisting and binding of sections of fabric and soaking in indigo dye, achieving a tie dye like circular effect. Where Batik printing is the process of stamping the fabric with hot wax, block dying the surrounding fabric and leaving a specialised handcrafted imprint. These techniques have allowed for beautiful patterns to be created and have enriched this season’s collection of bedding, which includes quilts, cushions and throws.

Summer Decor Ideas Inspirations3

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Other trend highlights include a range of handmade rattan furniture, an expanded ceramics offering, which features a three-piece round and square Hampton set available in block colours or a chic marble design; and a range of floor and door rugs in an array of bright colours and patterns.

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