Best Cocktail bars in London

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If you are looking for a cosmo or a martini, you will love to read this article. Some of the best bars and clubs in the world are in London. In this city, full of lights and exciting things to do, people need to know how be less stressed, busy and have a great night.

And in other hand, every day thousands of tourists arrive in London. They need a guide to the best cocktail bars in London, to prevent stay lost and know where to have a good time.

From the urban to the vintage hang-out bars, to the chic hotel bars or the old British pubs, London never disappointed!

Circo – Bar & Lounge

circo---londondesignagenda  Best Cocktail bars in London circo londondesignagenda
Source & Photos: Circo

“Named after its circular bar, Bath’s Circo cocktail bar and lounge is a chic blend of the old and new with classic panelled walls, luxurious Chesterfield sofas and a cool palette of chic grey tones accented by dusky burnt orange highlights. “

circo---londondesignagenda-2  Best Cocktail bars in London circo londondesignagenda 2
Source & Photos: Circo

“We are also now serving food in the evenings from Tuesday to Saturday; a mix of Mediterranean salads, traditional stone baked pizzas and desserts designed to sate even the sweetest of tooth.”


paramount--londondesignagenda-2  Best Cocktail bars in London paramount londondesignagenda 2
Source & Photos: Paramount

There are many bars offering amazing views over London, but Paramount it’s one of the favorites by the cocktail lovers.

paramount---londondesignagenda  Best Cocktail bars in London paramount londondesignagenda
Source & Photos: Paramount

With a view from the 32st floor, a copper bar in the center of the room design by Tom Dixon make everyone impressed.

Zetter Townhouse bar

thezettertownhouse---londondesignagenda  Best Cocktail bars in London thezettertownhouse londondesignagenda
Source & Photos: The Zetter Town House

After this picture, haven’t you already fall in love? So delightful and cute. This is one of the newest world’s best new cocktail bar recognize with the Spirited Award.

The Beaufort Bar

Frank Sinatra, Coco Chanel, Charlie Chaplin and Ernest Hemingway, what they have in common?  The Beaufort Bar! They added four new drinks inspiring in this famous guests.

Beaufort-Bar---londondesignagenda  Best Cocktail bars in London Beaufort Bar londondesignagenda
Source & Photos: Beaufort Bar

This Art Deco Interior Cocktail Bar, is one of the most expensive places but the believe me, you will love it.

 Vertigo 42

vertigo-bar-2---londondesignagenda  Best Cocktail bars in London vertigo bar 2 londondesignagenda
Source & Photos: Vertigo

We’re talking views to die for. Do you know that scene in Kramer vs Kramer when the little boy visits his dad’s new office and can’t stop himself from uttering one simple but very descriptive word: ‘wow’? That’s what you want to do when you first clap eyes on the scene that greets you.”

vertigo bar 2  Best Cocktail bars in London vertigo bar 2
Source & Photos: Vertigo
source @ The Cocktails Lovers

69 Colebrooke Row

The bar with no name. “The brains and the brawn – the hustle and the muscle…What lies behind the bar with no name at 69 Colebrooke Row?

69-colebrooke-row---londondesignagenda  Best Cocktail bars in London 69 colebrooke row londondesignagenda
Source & Photos: 69 colebrooke row

Who are we? Tony Conigliaro is widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s pioneering drinks creators, and is continually working to break the boundaries surrounding drinking experiences. Having worked as a bartender for many years in places such as Isola and Shochu Lounge in London, Tony began to pay attention to the work of the chefs and incorporated new methods into his cocktail repertoire, resulting in some ground-breaking cocktail menus.”

source @ 69 Colebrooke Row


Enjoy the cocktail !

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