Top 5 Affordable houses

Hello everyone, so today I’ll talk about some affordable houses.

The Mt Buller has this incredible house right in the heart of the village, this house had an extensive interior makeover a few years ago.

MtBuller-couch MtBuller-kitchendetail MtBuller-living
Know as the D House, this modest but beautifully designed two bedroom home is a clever and quite example of a contemporary Australian home, one of the best .
The house is full of understated design elements and a meticulous attention to detail that leaves anyone in love.

Geraldine-kitchen Geraldine-outside Geraldine-artwork
This house in Melbourne’s Eastern suburb of Ringwood it’s such a beauty! ‘The Log Cabin’ as is known, is a lovely renovated 1970’s home, with 3 bedroom that are affordable but still with an incredible design.

Simone-surfboard Simone-guitar Simone-kitchen
Oh my, this is a simply supremely functional, modern family home. Locate on Flinders Lane, in the hear of Melbourne’s, this apartment was remade and turn to this incredible home with a marriage of old and new, and almost frugally efficient design.

honey-home-kitchen- honey-home-bedroom honey-home-toilet

The last house, is like a gallery. The owner has a beautiful collection of art, Scandinavian glass, Bulls and so on.

MarkBaxterHome-stairs MarkBaxterHome-dining1 MarkBaxterHome-dining

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