The World's Tallest Vertical Gardens

The World’s Tallest Vertical Gardens

Published on: Jul 22, 2014

Ateliers Jean Nouvel, in collaboration with PTW Architects, worked with French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc and lighting artist Yann Kersale to conceive the most extraordinary features of Sky: the world’s tallest vertical gardens.

The World´s Tallest Vertical Gardens

As one of the largest green facades ever undertaken on a residential tower in Australia, One Central Park’s living wall incorporates planter grown vines and cascading plants, designed by Jean Nouvel.

The World´s Tallest Vertical Gardens

More than 2,700 planter boxes were installed, stretching more than seven linear kilometres around the cutting edge structure. This green facade is a great example of where tall buildings should be heading in order to help combat the ‘urban heat island effect’.

The World´s Tallest Vertical Gardens

The two residential towers of ‘One Central Park hosts a vertical garden of more than 300 different species of plants, with 190 native species and 160 exotic species, which affect the 166 meters in height, holds 50% of the facades of the complex from the second floor to the thirtieth.

A new vision decorative green to the benefits produced by the vegetation, the higher thermal and acoustic insulation of residences, the protection against dust pollutants and UV rays, restorative action due to the production of oxygen.

At the height of the twenty-eighth floor of the building has a large embossed surface, which houses 34 luxury penthouses, with a heliostat mirrors at the bottom to show the motorized sunlight on the roof garden below.

The World´s Tallest Vertical Gardens

The heliostat incorporates an innovative system of fixed and motorized mirrored panels designed to capture sunlight and redirect it into the retail atrium and onto the landscaped terraces.

At night the heliostat’s integrated lighting will display video interpretations of Sydney landscapes.

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