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Woods Bagot New Office Project in Perth

Bringing people together, supporting interaction and increasing efficiency in a team based, club like environment, were drivers in the fitout of Brookfield Multiplex’s new office in the Perth CBD.
Woods Bagot was engaged by Brookfield Multiplex to undertake the interior fitout of the office on level one of Brookfield Place Tower 2 and base build. The concept was for a high-quality fitout with an industrial feel focused on a minimalist, understated outcome which promoted comfort for users and guests.

Woods Bagot New Office Project in Perth

As Senior Interior Designer Melanie Porrins explained the fitout was about reflecting the culture of the client.
“Brookfield Multiplex wanted the space to reflect its culture and approach; one that is polished and professional but in a down to earth manner and appreciative of good design and craftsmanship. Being a builder meant integration and a high level connection with their site offices across the State was a key element to the design process. It was really about promoting good communication and improving operational performance,” she said.
Operational performance was achieved through maximising open office space, increasing transparency and removing individual offices to provide significant shared spaces and promote col­laboration, social interaction, diversity and choice.

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The ceiling has been pared back and the core and services of the building are exposed expressing the honesty of the structure. Concrete floor slabs have been buffed and polished with loose floor rugs and carpet inserts providing softer finishes and aiding in acoustic attenuation.
The central hub is the heart of the fitout and houses the reception, waiting lounge, kitchen and cafe lounge. All activity passes through this zone, with visitors received in a concierge style to the space, which is connected to the staff cafe lounge and kitchen. Open plan work points are interspersed with large numbers of discussion points, meeting zones and quiet individual working spaces.

Woods Bagot New Office Project in Perth 2

Incorporating technology was also imperative, with the new environment encouraging flexibility, diversity and adaptability geared at supporting the organisation’s future. Wireless networking and mobile technologies have been designed to encourage the reduced dependence and use of paper.
A connection to nature was also important to the client, with eco-friendly selections and living elements integrated into the fitout.
“One plant in particular is of great significance to our client’s heritage, as their name is derived from a species of plant that is hardy and multiplies rapidly. The integration of this plant is a pleasant reminder of Brookfield Multiplex’s roots – where they have come from and where they are going as the plant grows and multiplies,” Melanie said.

Brookfield multiplex new office in Perth


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