TOP Interior Design Trends 2016

TOP 5 Interior Design Trends for 2016

2015 was an excellent a year, but regarding trends for 2016 we anticipate great things including lots of novelties and irreverence in the design world. From fashion to interior design Aussie Living presents the top 5 trends for 2016. Many things are different, a new color palette, new textures, new patterns, and a very new attitude! With these trends 2016 is sure to be a fresh year!

TOP Interior Design Trends 2016 2

Colors Contrast:
Regarding trends for 2016 we can expect deeper and darker colors mixed with pastels. The design world will have a more playful colors palette for next year. According to Pantone, dichotomy is the big trend for color combinations, 2016 will be a year of contrast and opposites. Lots of contrasting with deep navy’s and rich Mediterranean blues is anticipated.

Interiors With Colour Contrast

Graphic patterns will be a big trend in 2016 – checks, stripes, diamonds, zebra print. In the fashion world brands like Valentino, Saint Laurent and Emilio Pucci created an optical illusion style with black and white prints. In the interior design world designers will work with more geometric lines instead of fluid movements.

TOP Interior Design Trends 2016 4

Mid-Century and Retro Style:
The mid-century modern style will continue to be very popular with brass, gold, and metallic finishes. 2016 will be a mix of metal and metallic.

Mid Century and Retro Style Interiors

Ethnic Textures:
Despite the fact that in 2015 textures were not the focal point of the design world, in 2016 textures will be seen in a completely different way. Natural-inspired textures including fur and wood will be popular, but the big 2016 trend will be ethnic textures.

TOP Interior Design Trends 2016 3

Bringing the Outdoors In:
With the purpose of making every space feel bigger and inspired by nature, a big trend for 2016 will be bringing the outside inside with the use of lots of indoor plants. For 2016 the boundaries of design will be pushed and furniture for outdoors will be used inside.

Modern Interior Gardens - Trends for 2016

What do you think about these TOP 5 trends for 2016? Share your opinion with Aussie Living!

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