Pillows and Fabrics

Pillows and Fabrics: the soft goods as the game changers

Pillows and Fabrics are the game changers these days. How many times it was the finest details that make all the difference in your projects? Well, that´s it; all the decorative items were underrated for too long. 2020 trends bring that simple idea to life: the simplest elements can be the star, moreover, the statement you want to add to any ambience.

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How to use Pillows to make a statement – Pillows and Fabrics

Pillows can add some personality to any room you may be decoring right now. It can represent coziness and extra comfort to some environments or boldness and character to simple spaces. Pillows and Fabrics can make a difference and become the ultimate touch to acquire the perfect mood in your projects.


Classic Pillows

Pillows and Fabrics

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Colorful Pillows

Pillows and Fabrics

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Looking for special elements to fit that colorful and trendy room you are now projecting? Well, we know some tips and tricks to make your work to standout from the crowd. This amazing pillows give to any space a bunch of vibrant colors and a new energy.

Trends are easy to follow, the trick is doing that and create awesome projects at the same time; respecting style and comfort.

Keep going through this article; we have some more ideas to share.

Trendy Pillows

Pillows and Fabrics

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Details are the perfect elements to make a statement in what comes to Interior Design. It will allow you to keep up with Trends 2020 easier as well.

BRABBU upholstery Malay chair


The sensations of a new fabric – Pillows and Fabrics

Fabrics are a new thing in interior design. If you are asking yourself why, start to imagine how it feels to touch a new soft fabric; it´s like heaven right?

That´s the truth about the finest fabrics, they do not limit itselves to decore a home or give a new face to a room; it really bring new sensations to everyone who has the opportunity to touch it.

Sensational Fabrics
Pillows and Fabrics

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Malay Armchair is one of our top products from Brabbu, we just adore it. So trendy and yet, so classic; it really seems to be that kind of item that fits every ambience. If you are looking for customization, that is also possible, you can ask for other collor and the brand has many different fabrics. It´s up to you.

Malay Armchair
Pillows and Fabrics

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2020 will be the year for us to talk about underrated Trends. Details can be everything in Interior Design. This time we talked about Pillows and Fabrics.

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Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU

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