Creative and Funky Table Lamps

Creative and Funky Table Lamps

This lamps I’m about to present you are just so unique and creative! With numerous designs, shapes, colors, dimensions or lighting abilities, lamps constitute one of the most convenient methods we have to alter the lighting tone of a room. In fact, the lighting selected can complete the statement of a house or improve a room’s decoration.
Lighting is the best way to give life to a dark corner or add some atmospheric environment to your living-room area. A beautiful lamp really can make the difference, so its time to see some creative and handmade table lamps that can really change the mood of a room.
I´ll show you some of the most creative lamp designs that I really belive you will fall in love with them.

Amy is a tribute to the great British singer and songwriter. Outlined by the black of her hair and her round earring… The inside is in gold like her golden voice. Handmade in brass and with its lampshades in aluminum exactly like it was made in the 50’s. A new design star. from Delightfull  Creative and Funky Handmade Table Lamps

Air Table Lamp is a shade and a base all in one that transmits visual stability and aesthetics.
This lamp by LZF reflects itself in and is identified with classic lamp formats. You can buy it at KE-ZU Creative and Funky Handmade Table Lamps

Taj is the latest in the Kartell Lights family. More than a lamp, it is a three-dimensional manifestation, a luminous sculpture, a presence as much at home on our desk as on another piece of furniture. Although it is a table lamp, Taj abandons the articulated, jointed and mechanical stereotype in favour of a simple form serving the practical function for which it is intended. Taj is produced in the completely “naked” transparent version, in the “frozen” translucent plastic version and in the glossy matte coloured version. You can buy a Taj in a Space Furniture store. Creative and Funky Handmade Table Lamps


Experience the molecular design of Atomic table lamp. A set of 4 round spotlights, golden and black balls, all arranged in an abstract organic composition to enhance non-conventional molecular forms. Each shade evokes an amazing effect on the surface. Conceived for modern settings, this striking piece it can be ideally placed in a modern living room to surprise your guests, as well as in a modern lobby. A breathtaking design inspired in 50’s legacy. You can see more in here Creative and Funky Handmade Table Lamps

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