Bleached Coral - 2020 color of the year

Bleached Coral – an Australian creative duo launched 2020 color of the year

Bleached Coral  is suggested as color of the year to 2020. Climate Change is no longer a problem to environmentalists to tackle. Now, it requires a common effort. Is Pantone considering a response? All kind of artists have now a new color influencing their work. Jack + Huei are two creative minds from Australia and they have launched a motto: bleached coral as the new color; because corals are dying faster than ever.

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The color of the year for 2019 was Living Coral. Pantone has started this conversation about sustentability and Climate Change. Before 2019 ends, this amazing duo of australian creatives brought the ecological talk to life again. We are really grateful, because awareness can come from art as well. Bleached Coral  was the perfect choice. Right after Living Coral color, comes the true color of dying corals.

Let´s all raise awareness on this topic! Shall we?

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


Today we are approaching a serious issue and tame it with a blossom of creativity! Are you ready to get inspired?

Interior Design inspired by 2020 color of the year – Bleached Coral
Bleached Blue Mid-Century Sofa Bleached Coral - 2020 Color of the Year

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This color represents our dying oceans beautifully. Actually, we see some charme on this bleached blue colors. They are refreshing and the perfect touch to any room in a house or a commercial project. We are trully amazed!


Artisanal Tapestry – Can we bleached it?

Bleached Coral - 2020 color of the year


Eye Neutral Collection

Bleached Coral - 2020 color of the year

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Today we are talking about sustainability. This issue does come attached to the question; who made your stuff and interior design pieces, you know?

Artisanal tapestry honored by this amazing color. Rug´Society is a brand made in Portugal by local artisans. Did you heard about it before?

Bleached Coral  is already one of the brands´ choice to their exquisite rugs!

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Color Theraphy – Bleached Coral

Coloring a space can mean the same as planning a vibrant environment, it can turn out to be very therapeutic for everyone who stays in that room for a bit. So, are you looking for some inspiration for your own house or for a new project?

Yap, we guess you came to the right spot! Because we have one more Bleached Coral  tip.

First of all, explore as many kind of fabrics as you can, because it can make all the difference at the end of a reformashion or even when you are creating a new environment from the scratch.

Second, please let us show you one of our favourites Light options we have recently found.

Alice suspension lamp has the 2020 color of the year and it is the perfect visual trip to childhood times.

Alice Suspension Lamp
Bleached Coral - 2020 color of the year

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Get into the fabrics world

Bleached Coral - 2020 color of the year

Bleached Coral – ready to Color next year?

We are! Ready to color new projects, my living room, your office and everyday life.


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