Blainey North Special Project – Kings Park Road

Blainey North already used us to breathtaking projects, that never fail to amaze us. This time Blainey North was responsible for a very unique project, Kings Park Road. Located in Perth it was designed as a beautiful glass box acrosss the big boulevard, the building opens metaphorically and literally with its entry canopy and raked windows towards one of the largest inner city parks in the world, the Kings Park Road.

Kings Park Road outdoors

Perth project by Blainey North


The architectural language consistently evolves from the urban setting to the most luxurious furniture detail. From the moment you walk in Kings Park Road, the amazing mix of leather and polished metal leads you on a great journey. All of the details have a purpose and have been created to enhance the design expression from Blainey North. Thus, dark joinery lines conceal picture hanging rails, while the stone floor rises up to form a reception desk and baluster are hand-stitched with leather.

Blainey North Special Project


The architecture are beautifully collected through an extraordinary art collection. Blainey North designed the ambiance to be serene however full of joy, a perfect mix between emotions. Every space was carefully designed to be seen as a showcase for art, as well an elegant convention for business.

Kings Road Perth

Traveling up four floors you get to the ultimate destination. At the  simple flick of a switch, massive timber and leather doors open softly from an impressive gallery to reveal the breathtaking sights of Kings Park stretching out from vast picture windows. Once you get here you know you have arrived in a leather upholstered boardroom of lofty proportions, a true interior design masterpiece by Blainey North.

Blainey North in Perth

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