Best Hospitality projects from 2019

Best Hospitality Projects Spotted in 2019

Best hospitality projects are everyone´s favorite topic to sneak peek at the end of each year. This last season have been a great time for Interior Design and Architecture; amazing projects were spotted during this last months. Creative minds that ally usability with great design ideas. Honestly: home decor at its best! Are you ready to know our short list of top hospitality projects?

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Adriana Nicolau – Palacete de Córdoba

Adriana Nicolau is one of the best interior designers from Spain. Her unique eye to the detail makes everything look incredible. This project in Córdoba is amazing and one of the best hospitality projects spoted in 2019.

Project – Palacete de Córdoba

best hospitality projects

Best Hospitality projects from 2019

Blacksheep – Hotel’s F&B (Fairmont Amman)

Blacksheep is responsible for this awesome project. This classic elegance is shown in each detail. One of the best cultural incisions in interior design made till this very moment.

Hotel’s F&B

Best Hospitality projects from 2019

Best Hospitality projects from 2019

Best Hospitality projects from 2019

Emanuele Svetti – A Rustic Residential Project In Tuscany

This private house is simply amazing; totally cool and yet, still showing that elegant touch. Emanuele Svetti work is great and the final result of this rustic residential looks gorgeous. We just found this project and truly believe that deserves to be here, at our top of best hospitality projects.

This is not exactly a hospitality environment but we had to share it. Since we found it, we got obsessed about mexican vibes.

A Rustic Residential Project In Tuscany

best hospitality projects

best hospitality projects

Arata Isozaki – Pritzker Prize 2019

Earlier this year Arata Isozaki received Pritzker Prize 2019 at his 87 years. This Japanese architect has so many great projects that came out of his hands during his life that the prize did not surprised no one. 2019 was marked by this reaward creative.

Hospitality is not his natural habitat but we thought that his name needed to be listed here, at our list of best hospitality projects.

This architect his known for creating amazing museums, concert arenas and unspeakable towers. La Art Tower Mito is a big reference at the Architecture World.

La Art Tower Mito

Best Hospitality projects from 2019

We finish our short list with this amazing architecture project! This was our list of best hospitality projects. Hopefully we had triggered some spark of inspiration on you to guide your 2020 starting point, that is so close to happen.

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