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Australian Wallpaper with a Scandinavian Inspiration

Born and raised in Sweden, Ann-Louise Jansson, one of the many of devotee of scandinavian design.

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Spending her years in Australia on the hunt for Scandinavian wallpapers and bespoke murals, she soon found there was a gap in the market. So, eight years ago, she started Scandinavian Wallpaper and Décor, as a means of introducing Australia to Nordic design.

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Scandinavian inspirationAussieLiving3
Sourcing products for their unique style and exceptional quality, Ann-Louise specialises in high-end digital wallpapers and wallpaper murals that are printed on durable non-woven wallpaper using cutting edge digital technology. “Our digital printed wallpapers are so versatile to work with and suitable for so many kind of spaces. They are easy to hang and to remove and can easily be hung over.”

Scandinavian inspirationAussieLiving3
With a large array of products all designs can be customised to the client’s needs. “Our expertise is wallpaper, how to best use it and how to tailor the designs to best suit a space. All our murals can be printed to custom sizes and most of them can be altered in colours to truly personalise an interior.”

A favourite among stylists and magazines alike, Scandinavian Wallpaper and Décor is always in the midst of an exciting collaboration. She frequently collaborate with high end stylists and designers, like Steve Cordony, Glen Proebstel and Vanessa Colyer Tay, to inspire people with beautiful interiors. She also frequently have your backdrops featured in high-end magazines and were recently apart of Designweek in Melbourne.

Scandinavian inspirationAussieLiving3
Soon to be releasing their own collection of wallpaper designs, “designed and tailored to the Australian market and always with a Scandinavian twist,” the future looks bright! “We have some interesting ventures lined up. We are looking at designing our own range, sourcing a collection made especially for ceilings and also introducing fabrics.”

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