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The opening of the “front door” of Australia Museum

Opened on 30 september o The Australian Museum has officially opened new ‘front door’ to the world.  Strikingly contemporary, the pavilion was designed by architects Rachel Neeson and Joseph Grechthe

Called to ‘Crystal Hall’ have a glass pleated, carbon neutral pavilion featuring leading environmental technology, higly transparent, elegant glass overlooking to: 1 William Street, Sydney.

Designed to float  the Crystal Hall Pavilion provides a new main entrance servicing.

the australian museum officially opened

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Designed as a simple, open plan elongated space, 20 metres by eight metres, with a 5.5 metre high ceiling and, a slim-line crystalline and skeletal form helps to reflect the Museum’s natural history focus.

The Crystal Hall features an Australian-first environmental management system addressing solar glare and heat.

Forty-eight unique crystalline diamond-shaped, coloured glass ‘blades’ are positioned internally along the northern façade to refract and diffuse light, manage solar glare and capture heat, allowing it to be vented up and out through the ceiling.

Australian-Museum-Crystal-Hall oficialy opened - AussieLiving

With six shades different (mauve, blue, pinke and yellow), The Australian Museum using, across the façade, the system to allow natural ventilation of the north-facing glass hall for most of the year.

australian museum officially opened AussieLiving

The Australian Museum contain for visitors , more than 400 animals ranging from still thriving species to the threatened and extinct.

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