Top 7 breathtaking artistic landscapes

There are two main meanings for the word landscape: it can refer to the visible features of an area of land, or to an example of the genre of painting that depicts such an area of land. Landscape, in both senses, includes the physical elements of landforms mountains, hills, water bodies such as rivers, lakes, ponds and the sea, living elements of land cover including indigenous vegetation, human elements including different forms of land use, buildings and structures, and transitory elements such as lighting and weather conditions.

With that being said let have a look of what I think is the most beautiful landscapes.

Sculptural Shrubs

Uniquely-shaped shrubbery stands out in the front yard of a Westbury, New York mansion.

8 Landscapes that is work of art

Statuesque Appeal

Bronze sculptures are the highlight of this landscape, inspired by the Musée Rodin in Paris.

8 Landscapes that is work of art

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Abstract Greens

The landscaping at a Miami villa uses greenery to form eye-catching shapes and patterns.

8 Landscapes that is work of art

Checkerboard Look

Art meets geometry in this Dallas backyard, designed by Ann Sutherland.

8 Landscapes that is work of art

Esteemed Entry

Lush green trees contrast the white gate and stone stairs in front of a Greenwich, Connecticut house.

8 Landscapes that is work of art

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Sheep Meadow

Parisian sheep sculptures add an artistic touch to this simply elegant landscape.

8 Landscapes that is work of art

Hilltop Beauty

Pops of white flowers contrast the abundant greenery in Provencal-style landscaping.

8 Landscapes that is work of art

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What you think? Beautiful isn’t it? Is there any Landscape that you love there’s not on my list? Share in the comments below.

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