5 New Houses in Australia and New Zealand

Look at five contemporary houses in Australia and New Zealand that prove there’s big style Down Under.

To reconfigure and extend a late-19th-century home (known as Bellevue Terrace) in the western port city of Fremantle, Australia, the Perth-based studio Philip Stejskal Architecture created this striking geometric annex. Its white-painted-timber-clad frame is punctuated by operable windows and doors that help facilitate airflow and help control interior light levels.

5 New Houses in Australia and New Zealand1

Simple plywood walls and clerestory windows create an open, airy atmosphere.

5 New Houses in Australia and New Zealand2

Cabin 2, an addition to an existing 1960s log house, is the work of Australian firm Maddison Architects. Nestled on a wooded parcel in the bay side town of Blairgowrie (some 65 miles south of Melbourne), the rugged steel-frame house resembles a cave, its walls sloping upward from the ground to form a multi-peaked roof.

5 New Houses in Australia and New Zealand3

Sunlight streams into the two-story interiors via windows of varied sizes and shapes, lending warmth to the concrete flooring, exposed beams, and unstained plywood wall and ceiling panels.

5 New Houses in Australia and New Zealand4

Named the Cross-Stitch House for its timber-beam frame, this Melbourne dwelling by local firm FMD Architects expands on a Victorian home on the lot, providing new spaces for living and dining. Using a simple idea to maximum effect, FMD continued the house’s wood framing to create a courtyard canopy.

5 New Houses in Australia and New Zealand5

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