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Top 5 Interior designers in Australia

Exist a long list of interior designers in Australia but when you have  the choose one is a hard work. Today i give you the list with the 5 best interior designers from Australia.

MIM Design

With  experience in projects within residential, retail, hospitality and corporate Mim Design has become a company that equates itself to the customisation of interior design to suit each individual project. Mim Design believes all facets of design are essential in delivering a successful project; our studio has collaborated with like-minded Designers, Architects and Graphic Designers achieving outstanding results.

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Best interiors designers - Aussie Living - Mim

Shareen Joel Design

Is a multi-disciplinary interior design, interior architecture, industrial design & building design practice based in Melbourne Australia. Since it’s inception in 2003, the studio has been driven by a philosophy of authentic timelessness.

Best interiors designers - Aussie Living - Shareen Joel Design

Massimo Speroni

Is the founder and designer of Massimo Interiors. Massimo is an artist and interior designer from Milan, a city that’s internationally known for its art, architectural treasures and as a fashion mecca of the world. Massimo has won acclaim and admiration for his design and creativity in his native Italy, and has recently found a faithful following in Australia.

Best interiors designers - Aussie Living - Massimo Interiors


Currently based in Melbourne, Massimo’s experience in interior design and decoration is mainly focused on residential projects. Massimo’s passion is to help clients transform their homes and workplaces, sharing his knowledge on how to create bespoke and exciting spaces.

Brendan Wong Design

Seek for your unparalleled expertise to transform their houses into exquisite homes. Every signature to the projects is the partnering of an elegant aesthetic with a functionality that transcends the years. the award winning design studio has developed a reputation for superior client service and seamless delivery of projects nationwide. The high level of personal consultation and collaboration brings design solutions that are client focused and always sympathetic to context, function and budget.

Best interiors designers - Aussie Living - Brendan Wong

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Jodie cooper Design

WA based company, Jodie Cooper Design specialises in luxury residential, boutique multi-residential and resort developments. Jodie Cooper Design offers a highly personalised service from conception to completion.

Best interiors designers - Aussie Living - Jodie Cooper

Jodie Cooper Design has been responsible for many of prominent commercial projects throughout Western Australia including the award winning JWH Group display homes, Cape Bouvard Investments Cevue Apartments in Scarborough, One Brighton in Mandurah and Windmills Break – luxury accommodation in Yallingup, which was recently added to the top 30 boutique resorts in Australia.

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